MRJKPOP: A different kind of K-Pop music review vlog

Hello, and welcome to the official website of MRJKPOP! This is a K-POP music Vlog that analyzes, reviews, and reacts to all of our favorite songs and music videos from a musician's, producer's, and fan's prospective! MRJKPOP will also be bringing you interviews, music production, songwriting, video production, behind-the-scenes tips, K-Pop English Cover songs, contests, and more!

MRJKPOP was founded in the summer of 2012, and the YouTube channel was started in November of that year. After a lot of planning and delays, the first video was uploaded in February of 2013.

Since the launch of MRJKPOP, the main goal has always been to deliver in-depth analysis, and focus on giving the viewers a music review with substance. The videos are not totally unbiased or objective by any means, but the opinions given are always based on solid observations of music theory, production methods, and SOUND.